Hi-Lift Jack 60" PJ Harrah Signature Edition, 7000lb Capacity

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The Hi-Lift® P.J. Harrah Signature Edition Jack bears the signature of the founder of our company, and the inventor of the Automatic Combination Tool, the Handyman® Jack, and what is now widely known as the Hi-Lift® Jack.

The Hi-Lift® P.J. Harrah Signature Edition Jack combines the old with the new. The aesthetics and unique features harken back to the original Automatic Combination Tool and Handyman® Jack invented by P.J. Harrah in 1905.

Still, it’s a true Hi-Lift® Jack, offering the latest and greatest in features, capacity, durability, and versatility that people have come to depend upon.


  • All-Cast Construction
  • 7,000lb (3175.14kg) Tested Capacity
  • 4,660lb (2,113kg) Rated Capacity
  • Available in 48″ & 60″ Lengths (122, & 152cm)
  • Lifts, Winches, Clamps, & More
  • Unique vintage-style base and top-clamp