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Universal Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

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Modern problems require modern solutions and with this Universal TPMS we have you covered. From hot summers to cold winters tire pressure is subject to change. With this Universal TPMS sensor removing that pesky light on your dash is a breeze. With this universal TPMS sensor calibration is a breeze. No need for specialty model scanners. This universal sensor can be programmed at home or at a local shop with the most common scan tools. Compatible with tools listed below! Hamaton H47 Hamaton H46 Hamaton H36 Myers VT46 PREMA H46 TECH VT56 TECH H47 TECH H46 Monster VT36 Monster H46 Monster VT46 Myers 360 Myers VT46 Napa Echlin 92-1551 Napa Quick TS4600 Napa Echlin 92-1531 Tech Smart T4600 KTool 46 Ktool VT36 Matco MAXTPMS Matco MAXTPMS Matco MD56 AirTech 46 ATEQ VT55 ATEQ VT56 Snap-on TPMS3 Snap-on TPMS4 JS Products 46 Tech Smart T55001 Tech Smart T56000